Administration is on hand to help in multiple areas. This can range from providing advice and information and being available if people have questions.

Admins do not own the wiki, it is everyone's to take part in and so an Admins input is equal to that of everyone else. Should anyone have suggestions for improvements they are welcome to contact an Admin who can also help in the following technical areas:

How Admins can helpEdit

Admins can:

  • Rename articles pages
  • Rename images
  • Protect pages
  • Delete pages
  • Delete blogs if the author requests it
  • Exercise the block feature (not wielded to demonstrate superiority or for punishment, only for defending article pages).
  • Edit the design and theme of the wiki
  • Edit MediaWiki namespace for interface changes


Bureacrats possess further rights, they can do everything an Admin can do, in addition to:

  • Being able to annoint other users as Admins, Discussions and Content Moderators as well as other Bureaucrats.
    • They can also revoke these privileges, except for other Bureaucrats. Bureaucrat status may only be revoked by Fandom staff members or by themselves. 
  • Revoke the status of a bot.

In short, they are available to help as you enjoy your time at the Spiritpact wiki.

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