This is the fifteenth chapter of the Spiritpact manhua. Cutting one strand at a time to rescue Qin from the spirits, Xi joins the fight effortlessly dodging them to gather them all in one easy to slice formation. Jinghua is stunned to inaction in fear at his prowess though.

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With Xi powerless to intervene against a human, it looks like to Jinghua that he has no choice. Armed with a long glowing electrical blue sword Xi fashioned for him, Jinghua charges in having to take the risk against the spirits. He cries out that Xi owes him one and had better thank him later.

Amongst the darkness that engulfs Qin, there is a greater mass of long criss crossing dark red and blue strands. Everything is a mess and Jinghua calls out how is he going to cut anything. Startled as some of the happy face dead souls advance towards him, Xi remarks how weak as he himself effortlessly flicks away a single growling spirit that comes too close to him.

Over-watching both Jinghua successfully cutting the blue strands as he is supposed to, and Qin thoroughly wrapped by the dead souls, Xi does guide him. Telling him, up, down to the right and the specific thread Jinghua needs to cut, he raises that Jinghua said he played as a swordsman, can he get serious.

Trying hard, he asks if Xi can stop being a bother, he is being very serious. Standing there nagging, and complaining, Jinghua states that Xi is not doing anything and he should do it, if he is so good and can do it, he should do so.

Watching, Xi does exactly that as he leaps towards Qin who notices his involvement. Jinghua is struck by how fast he is as Xi can discern the red tethers coming towards him. Jinghua finds it amazing seeing Xi backflip, being able to completely perfectly dodge though their assault to gather the red strings all in one easy to cut formation. Feeling he is so strong to do that and grip them tight, Jinghua is then ordered by him to cut it.

Seeing Xi’s look, Jinghua wonders why are his own hands shaking, this guy in the face of such overwhelming power. Even as a soul image he felt the fear and wonders what is he scared for as he is paralysed by a strong desire to tremble.

Calling out his full name of Yang Jinghua, Xi tells him if he is not able to do this, after today he does not need to be his soul image anymore. With his face flushed, Jinghua regains himself and damning it he shouts out for him to not look down on him as he slices through the combined red tendrils.

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  • The spiritual tendrils can be held by hand.

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