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This entry is for the character from the donghua. See Yang Jinghua for the manhua equivalent.

You Keika (Chinese: 杨敬华 Yang Jinghua) passed away and became Ki Tanmoku’s spirit shadow. He is also a direct descendant of Nei You/Shisei. Keika is the only one after Shisei to wield the Rakugetsu sword.

Before dying in the accident where he gets hit by a truck, Keika worked as poor fortune teller and a part time computer mechanic. He is currently affiliated with the Tanmoku household.

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Before dying, Keika appeared as a normal twenty three year old. After his death, his physical appearance turned back towards his middle school look as that was the time where he was the most innocent and happy.

He has long, dark blue hair that is tied into a low ponytail with bangs covering his forehead, the side of his head and olive green eyes. Although in the second season, his eyes appear to be purple instead green after he was taken over by the first Youmeishi.

As a spirit, he wears a traditional Chinese jade colored shirt with white pants. In the second season, he wears a white tunic, blue pants, and a blue coat, given to him by Ki Tanmoku.

Keika can assume another form where he takes on the appearance of his ancestor Nei You. Keika's hair becomes longer and slightly darker. In this form his attire consists of almost complete black colored clothing: a black long robe over black shirt, black pants, and black obi tied at his waist. Keika also wears a blue hair ribbon that is braided with Ki's first baby hair. But he cuts it off in the end to save Ki.


Keika initially stated whatever was on his mind even if is came across as rude. He is fascinated at being reincarnated and his emotions changes drastically to being furious at his death, to happy he can do some good to tearful. Fascinated at seeing himself on TV, overall he is a boisterous young man with a pure heart. He is quick to make friends on account of his newfound position and cares about the people that mattered to him even after he became a spirit.

He is usually optimistic most of the time and tends to act idiotic like getting overly excited over simple things like flying when he found out he could when he became a spirit instead of getting worried that he is actually dead. Because of this character a lot of people he comes in contact with views him as a 'monkey' or a 'clown'.

Despite all that Keika is innocent and gentle. Even when the Tanmoku household looked down on him for being a 'lowly spirit', he never raised voice against them neither did he refute them, taking his time to adjust to the sudden upper class lifestyle.

In his 'Shisei' form, he is more confident in his abilities and might come out to be a little bit arrogant.


Keika's parents passed away when he was in middle school, which is when he was most happiest.[1]

Role in the Story[]

Main Article: Keika You/Story[]

Keika sits asleep at his roadside fortune telling stall. His napping comes to an end when a woman requests that her fortune be read.

He answers him that he is "You Keika" and mistakes him for Song Jungi and says its tough must be tough being a Korean actor, and shares that he speaks several languages. His nervous small talk is cut short when the demon commands them both to shut up before firing red energy past straight at Keika. He falls to the ground in surprise and asks him what kind of magic that was just now. He hears how it could shatter the soul of an ordinary person and simply gazes at him when he asks if his name was and that he’ll remember it. In response he asks him who the heck he is.


Ki Tanmoku

Ki is Keika's Husband and lover, and Keika serves as his spiritual shadow. Keika is fiercely loyal and regards Ki as one of the most important people in his life and someone for whom he would serve the rest of his life. At first Keika saw Ki as an arrogant and rich boy who was quite cold even for his own fiancée. She often argued and argued with him and threatened that Ki shouldn't lower his guard because Keika would take his own life if he wants to.

Keika was reluctant to be Ki's spirit shadow in the beginning until he learned that he would be turned into an evil spirit if he didn't. Once he became Ki's spirit shadow his relationship with him was still rocky but later in the episodes he has grown more attached to Ki after knowing the latter's gentle side.

In an episode, after accidentally stabbing Ki and was imprisoned by Jimei Tanmoku, he cried and begged Shin Shiyou to let him visit the Youmeishi and make sure that he was alright.

When Shiyou broke his imprisonment, he rushed to Ki's side and promised his loyalty to the man while he was asleep- vowing to stay by his side and follow him to the ends even if it was too late. He has grown to be protective of Ki and wouldn't let a single person harm him.

It was hinted that Keika might have developed romantic feelings for Ki. In Episode 6 when Ki kissed Keika to breathe "life" into him, Keika pushed him away and comically spat his kiss. But, in Episode 10 when Ki kissed him again, Keika blushed and asked him what it was for instead of pushing him away. Season 2 confirms, mostly, that Keika indeed has feelings for Ki.

Keika also sacrificed his life to save Ki. Cutting the hair braid and tearing his own soul apart so Ki would regain his spiritual powers and defeat Ritsu Shito. But, Ki never did get his powers in that action. When Keika finally 'dies' and was going to cross over he remembered that he made a promise with someone and couldn't leave that person alone. He came back when he heard Ki's voice calling out to him.

Shin Shiyou

He is taken with her appearance at first site and addresses her as "Goddess."

Tanmoku Mistress

The mistress of the Tanmoku family and Keika has a healthy relationship equivalent to a mother-in-law and a "daughter-in-law".



  • “It seems my ancestors were famous for being pretty capable exorcists … But in my generation, we’ve sunk to the level of simple fortune tellers.”[1]
  • “If I were a totally different person, I wouldn’t have to think such miserable thoughts anymore.”[1]
  • “Give me back my live, I curse you!”[1]
  • “I’m on TV. For the first time in my life, I'm on TV. It’s so nice to see me on TV. Seeing myself on TV is the best feeling ever.”[1]
  • “But it’s a good thing to donate a lot of money because I hadn’t done it enough before.”[1]
  • “They do say misery can turn into bliss.”[1]
  • “Hey, sorcerer, look. I'm being possessed.”[1] (Keika turning to Ki Tanmoku when under attack)
  • “A ring? Are you asking me to marry you?”[1]
  • “So that is how Youmeishi purification works? It’s almost like an execution.”[1]


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