Keika You's Parents are the father and mother of Keika You in Spiritpact. They passed away before the beginning of the series.


From what Keika remembers of his parents is his father had medium length dark hair with a dark raised collar jacket.

His mother had dark blond hair with side bangs down to her chin and her hair tied at the back. She wore a red short-sleeved dress.


Their personalities are not shown aside from Keika recalling them happily reaching out the him.

History Edit

They raised Keika and passed down a family heirloom of a tablet bestowed by the Emperor to their ancestors of which one was an exorcist.


After being reincarnated, Ki Tanmoku tells Keika that people assume the version of themselves when they were most happy. Keika realizes that time was when he was in middle school and vividly remembers his parents specifically. In his mind, he reaches out to them where they are smiling and holding their hands out in a forest setting.

Relationships Edit

Keika You Edit

Their son, who Keika remembers them well so based on that they had a close relationship.

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