This entry is for the character from the donghua. See Duanmu Luoyue for the manhua equivalent.

Rakugetsu Tanmoku (Chinese: 端木落月) was the first Generation of Youmeshi and the first head of the Tanmoku Household. He is the ancestor of Ki Tanmoku, Jiun Tanmoku and Jimei Tanmoku. He died by the hand of Keika You's ancestor, Nei You.

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Rakugetsu has very long silver hair and violet eyes. He wore traditional Japanese attire, along with a pair of pale purple dangling felt earrings.

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He was the first Youmeishi before Ki Tanmoku, making him the founding head of he Tanmoku Household. In the past, he had Nei You by his side, until he went on a rampage and died by his friend's hand.

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