Shin Shiyou (秦詩瑤) was Ki Tanmoku's fiancee.

She holds a slight grudge against You Keika as he appears to be really close to Ki, making her jealous.

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Shiyou Shin

Shiyou is an attractive young woman with mid-back length brown hair, thin eyebrows that are shown to be visible under her fringe and violet eyes.

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Shin has been shown to be a very jovial and respectful young lady. Whenever she is around Ki, she turns into a "fangirl" (As described by Keika). However, behind closed doors, she is an otaku who is almost the exact opposite as her "outside" appearance.

History Edit

When she was a little girl, Shin was chosen as the suitor for the Tanmoku family's heir, Ki Tanmoku. She had always loved him so was ecstatic to hear that she was to marry him. Etiquette classes, gymnastics classes, and tutoring were among the many things she took on to be a suitable woman for the young heir. However, he mainly showed no interest in her and did not seem to appreciate her efforts to please him (which would cause her to be easily persuaded by and evil spirit in episode 2). Throughout the years, she remained happy and never lost sight of who she was and her love for Ki.

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She arrives at the airport with her suitcase before removing both her sunglasses and hat for airport security.[1]

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  • What’s the point of a contract on a scrap of paper (2)
  • It was inevitable that I would be attracted to him by the flow of time
  • My only mission is to remove my clothes for him
  • Pride disappears the instant you truly begin loving someone
  • Gross, did you wet yourself over my lecture earlier?
  • I would definitely rather die than have him see me like this, obviously!
  • He has always been out of reach for me. Our fate was decided from the beginning. He is always the star. I am just a member of the unnamed audience.
  • Why do you only ever show me your back?

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  1. Spiritpact Episode 1

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