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Seraph of the End

Sayla Ryougetsuten                                                                                          S3r0-Ph1iEdit

Bureaucrat, Admin
Sayla Ryougetsuten
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Bureaucrat, Admin
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What can Admins help with?Edit

  • Help with any questions people may have.
  • Edit the design and theme of the wiki.
  • Delete pages and records. They can also retrieve a page that has been previously removed, or retrieve specific revisions of it.

Bureaucrat AdditionsEdit

Bureaucrats can do everything an Administrator can do, and can exercise additional features:

  • Appoint other users as Administrators, Bureaucrats, Content Moderators, Chat Moderators and Rollback.
  • Revoke the status on a Bot program.

We're here to help!Edit

Ask us anything. We’d love to hear what brought you to the Spiritpact Wiki and your ideas for improvements.

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