Spirit Pact (灵契, Ling Qi, also known as Soul Contract ) is an anime series based on the web manhua of the same name. It is made by Haoliners Animation League.


You Keika is a failed exorcist who makes a living by fortune-telling and doing personal computer repairs. One day he witnesses a silver-haired man, Tanmoku Ki, fighting against an evil spirit. Failing to hide himself You Keika gets noticed by the exorcist. The start of the fated story: will they be friends, enemies or something more?

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  • Director - Haoling Li
  • Sound Director - Kouichi Lizuka
  • Producer - Yunkung Tang
  • Screenplay - Qi Ling Zi
  • Sound Production - Kenji Beppu and Michiyoshi Minamizawa
  • Sound Production Manager - Rintaro Yoneya
  • Planning - Zou Zheng Yu

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