• I live in United States
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is Aider, Artist, Fellow Companion
  • I am Female

Hey there! My Name is DragonKestrel. I noticed you found my Wiki Page, Lucky you! I welcome you with open wings. Feel free to ask me questions of any sort and I will answer them the best I can.

A few things about me:I love to Read Books. My Favorite Season is fall. I love to Draw dragons and such.I dislike most modern day pop music. I love Fishing. I like to interact with Animals. I Like to work on Puzzles. I do Ice Skating during the winter. Listening to Music. I love Swimming. Sleeping. Bowling. I love to play videogames. Hiking. Reading Books. Watching Cartoons and such. I l

Wiki's I've contributed to:

Wings of Fire Wiki

Wings of Fire Experimental

Wings of Fir

Yuri!!! On Ice Wikia

Free! Wiki

Gakuen Heaven(First created Wiki)

Banana Fish Wiki

SpiritPact Wiki

Given Wiki

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